Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catch up

OK time for catch up! I have a bunch of pictures to post so this should be a fun one.

First off like forever ago I cut my good friend Rosanne's hair. Of course I forgot the before picture but she had pretty long hair. And I was the one that got to cut it! :-) Hooray!

Next Sean and I went up to Park City to go skiing with my family one last time before the resorts closed. I saw Shiying who I havent seen in forever which was really fun. She had been wanting to learn how to curl her hair for a long time so I curled it for her and took some pictures.

this is my family's new puppy Kona

My sister wanted something new done with her hair so I did a block color of some blonde in it. It turned out so cute. I love it.

Then the other night we had a fun girls night with Kenzie and Kara and did their hair. I have a nice sink and stuff in my apartment to do hair in. We decided to use Redken and Matrix color instead of paul mitchell because I secretly think they are sooo much better. And I have to say the turn out was great. Kara went from blonde to a brown/red. I love it on her. I dont have a picture of the after yet but I will definately get one and post it.