Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hair..... Hair..... and more Hair

I decided I am due for updating my blog and what better to do than post some of the new haircuts and colors I have done lately :-) . I am still at Paul mitchell but only have a few months left hopefully. I am going to start day and night school in September to try and make it go by faster. As much as I love school....I want out! But at the same time that means not seeing my friends as much and everyone going their separate ways which is always sad.

Sadly though nothing new really is going on with Sean and me. BUT my sister Aubreigh that is here in Provo is now pregnant which is wayyyy exciting. ONly bummer is that she is extremely sick and I am not going to scares me to get pregnant anytime soon.

So some of my clients were so nice to let me take pictures of them for my portfolio and stuff so here they are! this first one is Katie from my ward and we cut a lot off so that she could just do her hair easy for the day

This one was a client that came in for a trm and left with a whole new short cut. it was funny since she had hair to her shoulders almost and then we kept going shorter and shorter till she decided she wanted it all gone. She was so much fun

Then this is Sami who I have posted before for a haircut. This time we did highlights (toned with 9P), lowlights (5NN), and block c0loring (5RR). The block coloring is the red at the front of the hair that is like a peekaboo coming through the bottom. Turned out way cute. The haircut I did was square graduation in the back angled into an A line with lots of layers and texture.

Okay and last I did this just the other day on a client. It is block coloring again but much more intense. I took 1 inch diagonal sections throughout her hair and did everyother lightener and 4CM which is a dark mahagony brown. Then once the lightener did its job I put 6RV and 5VR on top of it to make it pretty red like she wanted. We had to lighten it first since her hair was too dark that the red wouldnt be vibrant and noticeable like she wanted it. She loves it and I think it was such a fun experience that not many people are brave to try.

And then obviously this can be done with any colors like a brown and then caramel peeking through to look more subtle or something.... way cute. :-)