Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tucker Sean Murphy

WE are having a BOY!!! Im not gonna lie...I am a little scared. I always thought I would have a girl first so it threw me off a little but I am still so excited. We went to fetal foto and it was such a neat experience! We loved it. He was definately wide awake in me and using my uterus as his little aerobics room. The nurse was shocked that I couldnt feel him kicking yet cuz he was just pounding away in there. She said he was the most active baby she has seen in awhile. So we will see if he is the same way when he comes out! So i am 15 weeks now and my sickness is still getting better as long as I take my medicine to help it. But my stomach is getting more and more big every day. It is the weirdest feeling. You know that feeling when you eat too much and you think...my stomach skin is soo stretched feeling. Thats how it feels all the time but you are out of breath on top of it. And this is just the start haha.
Once in awhile I will feel something like a small kick of some sort but I dont know if its the baby or if it is just gas....I hear that is common haha. So here are some pictures of little Tucker

Another good news is that Sean and I think we found an apartment. It is a complete stealing deal and you better believe I did everything in my power to get it before the other people that were supposedly applying at the same time. I went slightly psycho and was throwing cash at the poor guy but I think we got it! We find out tomorrow. Its 3 bedrooms 1 bath and the best part....There is a DISHWASHER!!!! soo soooo happy bout that. So if we get it I will be painting it just to make it cuter and putting some cute wallpaper in the baby room probably. I dont know if you are allowed to paint when ur prego though but i hope so. Anyways Ill let u know if we get it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

mini baby bump

So I have reached 13 weeks with my pregnancy which I am pretty excited about. I am finally starting to have good days and some bad but at least there are good days in there. This week though I have reached the point where I am beginning to really notice my stomach. Its not big yet but there is something there and since I am smaller I think I notice it more. For example I love to sleep in a tiny ball and that is not working so well anymore with the stomach in the way. or bending way over. Another example is today I was climbing through the window which sounds weird but I was playing with my cat and decided that was the last time while being pregnant that I would be able to do it cuz it was a struggle. It is a very odd thing to get used to having something that kinda gets in the way when your not used to it....and im not even sticking out a bunch yet hhaha. But i love it and it just makes me feel more pregnant now that I have a little something. My baby is 3 inches long now and we just got to hear its heartbeat for the second time. it is so amazing.
Another plus is I have gotten my energy back and I think my mood is going up a little at a time. Most women are emotional while pregnant.....well im just angry. And who gets to deal with it? My poor husband Sean. I think at one point he was convinced that I hated him. Im pretty sure I am a scary pregnant lady but hopefully its fading but Sean would be the one to know if I have tamed or not :-) But the thought of hanging out with people and being in public is seeming more and more fun and I miss it whereas before I just wanted to lay around all day. So i am pretty happy bout that.
Here is a picture of my little tiny bump. I see other people at 13 weeks and they are showing so much more! Im like....come on baby grow!!! But here I am at 13 weeks