Sunday, September 19, 2010

4 weeks left!

Who believes that is 4 weeks (hopefully) I am officially going to be a mother to a little boy. I cannot believe the time is getting so close but I am beyond excited. I am only at the beginning of the one month away countdown and it already seems like the longest month of my life haha. I just want to meet the little guy and get to know him and see what he looks like and see Sean interact with him and everything. There is just so much I am so excited for. Which is way nice cuz it distracts me from my fears of having a child as well.
the 3rd trimester hasnt been too shabby. I feel huge of course but Im not sick and everything is going well baby wise so I cant complain. The one complaint i do have is I now consider myself part werewolf because my husband and I discovered the other night my nice coat of darker hair I have grown on my back from the hormones this trimester. Luckily it goes away after giving birth and all will be normal but for now I am part of the wolf family.... It is so weird to think that next month I will have someone that is dependent on me and need me 24/7 and is my responsibility for the next 18+ years.
Sean is getting really excited as well to have the baby. Everytime I have more than one little contraction he thinks we should go to the hospital :-) Its pretty funny. I think he is more excited cuz he wants to speed to the hospital and basically be a wreckless driver like in the movies when realistically it wont be necessary.
Anyways everything is well and I am so excited for Tucker to come out a play....hopefully sooner than later but I cant get my hopes up!!