Monday, February 7, 2011

Cry Cry Cry

It is no fun when your little one decides to cry all night and then all day. I cannot figure out what is wrong with him! he is almost 4 months so MAYBE he is teething but that is so young still. He is biting everything and he bites his own fingers so hard it makes him cry (which is actually pretty funny to watch). I try and feel his gums but I have no clue what I am feeling for and it feels normal. He WOULD NOT sleep last night and finally we just had to let him cry it out because he was like crying in his sleep. You would go in and his eyes would still be closed. Then all day he has been way fussy. Weird... I dont like bad days. Its days like this that I start thinking I could never have another baby haha. Not for a long time at least.
  I have a new goal and its working out 5 days a week. 3 days at the gym and 2 at home. I have lost all my pregnancy weight and everything but I still feel like my stomach is disgusting. So I am basically working my stomach muscles out to the maximum. I really hope it works....Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On your mark, get set, CRAWL!!

My cute little nephew was in a crawling race at babiesrus today. It was the cutest thing I have ever watched. I actually won his first race and went to the championship. That one was a little more intimidating for him since there were so many babies and people screaming to crawl...he completely froze but still looked adorable. The winner was this poor little girl that just bawled as she crawled across the finish line cuz she was so scared. It was the cutest thing ever. She deserved the free diapers.
    I cant wait till Tucker can crawl. I know I shouldnt want him to grow up so fast and I will miss him being small but I just think it will be so much fun! He still surprises me every day with something new that he can do and it just makes me soooo proud.
    So we are on WIC (women, infant, children) and are now giving Tuck formula. I had enough breastmilk frozen for about a year but I have high lactic acid which I didnt know at the time in my milk. So when it is stored it turns sour tasting and smelling. So Tuck refuses which I dont blame him. But WIC gives you Similac formula and Tuck is used to Enfamil. But I gave it a try since it's cheaper for WIC. It was miserable. No good for his stomach. So we went to sensitive...still no good. We then had to get a prescription from the doc for enfamil and I decided to do the gentlease since my little one has the WORST gas ever. I think with all the change he got major backed up and constipated. So he didnt poop for 3 days. I was starting to get slightly concerned cuz he was eating so MUCH and nothing was coming out! On my pediatricians website it says to give them apple juice in their bottle to help before coming to the doctor. Worth a shot right? He GUZZLED it. He loves apple juice and drinks twice as much with it. Funny kid.
   Now your wondering...did it work? Holy cow yes. I am pretty sure his entire system is cleared now. Not like he got sick, just everything started moving and there was a lot of it. So I swear by apple juice now with a baby. When they can have solids it probably is easier since you feed them fruit and stuff but for now he cant have that stuff. But if anyone ever has this problem its ounces/month of age every day mixed with milk.
   Well I should probably get busy with other things considering my house looks like someone broke in and tore the place apart and I look like I've been attacked :-). The lovely part of being a mother is there are days you dont even brush your come to love the ponytail style with sweatpants. One of these days I'll catch up to everything :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Useless Advice

Twice now I have been given advice from a lady at a store by our house about how to get your baby to sleep through the night. She heard me talking tonight to another lady about how we are sleep training Tucker and she chimes in for the second time saying, "if you feed your baby till he is full before putting him to bed, he will sleep through the night."
    ......really??? Who do you know that doesnt feed their baby till they are full? I honestly think that was the worst advice I have ever been given. And when I told her that I do she continued to say no I dont because I have to make sure he is so full that he "kunks" out. Thank you so much for that piece of information. All this time I must be putting him to bed starving.... ughh.

  Anyways Tucker has decided to eat most of his food at night and then not eat much during the day so he can play. Great for him...miserable for me. So last night my lovely husband gave me headphones and music and let him cry it out for 3 hours (of course he would go in and console him) because we had to let him be hungry for a night in order to get him to eat during the day again. Luckily it worked but we will see how it goes tonight. Silly boy...

Lastly, I have always thought I would never miss the newborn stage because it was so hard with Tucker and exhausting. I am always wanting him to grow up and get big. Well I visited my friend today at the hospital and stopped and looked in at the nursery and saw the brand new babies. I forget how small they are and just so cute! It melted my heart and immediately I was thinking to myself that I could have another one of those. haha I never thought that day would come. But I am still content with just having Tuck for now. He keeps me busy :-)