Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bye Bye Boobs

I officially have had to say goodbye to my boobs. When people say after nursing they shrink to smaller than before, they weren't kidding!!! So a warning to all that haven't experienced this...enjoy them while it lasts :-)

Tuck is 5 months now and just loving life. He has taken a liking to any one that is a girl. It is pretty amusing to watch. Yesterday we were at a fireside and they was a cute baby girl across from us and Tuck literally just stared at her the whole time smiling. It cracks me up. Sadly he still isnt sleeping through the night. I swear he is getting worse. But the pediatrician said that when he is 6 months he should be able to sleep 10-12 hours a night without a feeding and I am probably going to have to force him. So thats going to be really fun but I figure it will be nice in the long run.

He has just started some solids and it took him a long time to even open and accept them. Finally he has decided he really likes sweet potatoes. yum yum. Randomly he has decided he hates the pacifier so he doesn't want it at all. Not even to go down to sleep...but I guess this means i won't have to wean him. It is still WW3 when I try and put him down for a nap. It consists of screaming, crying, scratching, and pulling my hair as I start rocking him yet within 2 minutes he is sound asleep. Slightly ridiculous but funny. I just have to keep my head clear so he cant scratch my face because trust me...he has. And he has just reached that age where anything he grabs he wants to squeeze as hard as possible haha. So a lot of times it ends up being your face or neck. Very painful. Another new thing he has started which sounds nice when said but I hate it is he only poops every other day. This makes for an explosion without fail. The smell is through the roof and you have to evacuate the apartment and air it out if you cant handle the smell for the next two hours. I never knew something so cute could smell so bad!

My family is all in town on Friday which I cannot wait for. Sean has been really busy with school and work so I am excited to have some company. My little sis is going to stay here in UT for the summer and work which is awesome. Her, me and Aub are really close so I am excited we are all going to be here. Sean's parents also were here for a night and will come through again later this week. So it was fun seeing them as well. Nothing beats family!