Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tucker update

I havent written in forever and there are so many things that have happened, specifically with Tucker. I took Tuck to the doctor for a normal check up a few months back and they were a little concerned about his motor skills and things so they referred me to PEIP that is an early intervention program for babies. They came to my house and tested Tuck to see if he qualifies for their program ( you have to be 7% or below developmentally). Well he was he definitely qualified. They have started coming and doing physical therapy and stuff on him since he has a sensory disorder. He doesnt like the feel of pressure especially on his hands and arms. So he was 10 months and still not crawling or even attempting to. The program is amazing and with their help in a week he was crawling! Thats awesome but there is still so much more to cover. He hates being overly touched or held. So it makes it hard because he wants me to hold him but then doesnt like the feel of being touched so cries as I am holding him but cries more when I put him down. So I put him down and he climbs onto me and I hold him and he starts pushing me away. I guess these are all signs of his problem (its a long word that I cant even remember).
    They are a little concerned because after working with him and touching/playing with him he gets really irritated and I cant even calm him down. So we are trying to find ways that he can pull himself back together and recuperate from exercises. The problem is we cant just let him have his way and not work with him because then he will never excel or become used to pressure.
   So the people just left and I am just slightly down because Tucker was so happy when they got here and then we do massages and activities with him and he gets so upset and they are watching me and helping me with ideas of how to calm him and nothing works. It just makes me feel like a bad mom that my son doesnt want to cuddle with and I cant calm him down and they are watching. The next step is to try things like making a blanket fort with classical music or something to sit in with him when he has his freak its his little getaway place to pull himself together.
   This disorder is really common with babies that dont breathe when they are born. That if you dont know is what happened with Tucker. He didnt breathe  on his own for 8 minutes and then was on oxygen for 48 hours and the first 24 hours wasnt very responsive at all. So he is a little miracle baby but now just needs a little push in the right direction.
    I am so thankful though for this program so we were able to catch this problem early and get a handle on it. The right now is a challenge but I just need to look in the future and see that I am helping him. I cant believe he is going to a year in a month! I am so proud of him!