Thursday, June 24, 2010


my hormones this week are soaring. I am not sure if this is a normal but it is not fun at all. I got a sudden surge of them or something and I am way emotional about everything. Sometimes I can laugh about it but other times I am just upset. Sean doesnt seem to understand anything about being emotional or anything and i swear he gives me a hard time about everything 24/7 and it always ends with me upset. I keep explaining that i am sensitive and he cant tease me like normal when im not pregnant but it seems he cannot get past it and it has worsened. I know I am out of whack cuz when he teases i start thinking that he has made it his life mission to make me upset when everyone knows that is just dramatic. oooh lovely hormones. All i can say is i cannot wait to be back to my normal self.
In the past few months I had plenty of little freak outs about actually having a baby and how much everything is going to change but I am getting a lot better now. I am now so excited to meet my little boy and see what his personality is like and what he looks like. I am still nervous of course and worried about how much work it is but seeing how much I can love my sisters little baby when he isnt even mine....i cant imagine the amount of love a mom feels for her child. Quinn isnt even my baby but i would do anything for him (including sitting in the back seat to make him happy in the canyon till my sister had to pull over and let me throw up :-) ).
My sister in law comes in tomorrow to stay with me for a week and then we head up to wyoming for the 4th of july. she is going to help me set up the nursery and then go to the eclipse opening show with my friends and me on my bday!!! How lovely that I get to go out on a date with Edward and Jacob on my bday...couldnt get better than that. So the next week is looking like its gonna be pretty exciting. cant wait!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Lots of Pics

Basically this is just a picture update for everyone and so that my sister can copy them to her computer :-) But the pic of me first is me at 22 weeks pregnant since a bunch of people have been asking me to post a picture

This is my grandma and great grandma in Portland OR

Tiger decided that Quinn was her baby and needed to watch him :-) so cute