Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kitty Kat

Sean and I have had a cat for probably 5 months or so....I am not really sure. But she is the sweetest little thing and she is almost like a dog. She loves to play fetch, give kisses, and she HAS to be in the same room as you. Well Sean was sick yesterday and stayed home and when I got back from school, he had made an entire video of our cat. He showed it to me and I thought it was hilarious. This is what happens when you leave Sean alone all day....

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Brave Sister

Today I got to spend the day with my older sister Aubreigh. We just ran errands and such and we were walking around target and told me she was wanting to get her ears pierced. I jumped on it and told her that we were going to go do it right then and she was too scared. So after about 45 minutes of not letting it go, she finally gave in and said she would go LOOK at the earrings and think about it. After answering her millions what if questions she finally decided to do it! If anyone knows Aubreigh you understand her what if questions. She can get worried about things sometimes. These questions consisted of "what if the earrings rip out?" what about when I go to sleep? How will I go skiing with a helmet? What if it gets infected? What if a knot forms in the center (I was clueless on this one)? haha but anyways the whole thing wasn't bad at all. She is a nurse and has gone thru a lot worse getting IVs and such.

my sister Aubreigh

Her earrings!!

But we kept it from her hubby Matt that she got it done and we wanted to see how long it took him. He did pretty good...took him only 5 minutes. She turned in her ring to get it rhodiumed so we decided to tell him that she switched in her ring for the earrings cuz they are fake diamond ones haha. But anyways today was fun having the day off and spending it with my sister. She's the best. I am so glad I have her here in Provo. Dont know what i will do without her when we go our own ways after school :-(

Brother in Law Matt- He is Sick

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nothing like a nice massage

I just got back from getting my one hour massage at Remedez by Jeremy. Anyone that ever needs one go to him!! He is really good. body is definitely messed up already from blowdrying and round brushing with hair. Supposedly my left shoulder sits higher than my right one now because my muscle is so tight and knotted. I am going to blame that one on the blow dryer. So he had to give me some exercises to reduce the pain and stretch out the muscle so I can one day look like a normal person again. Then my other shoulder has some issues as well and some mega knots that will take about 3 or 4 visits at least in order to get rid of them. Crazy stuff... Those spots were slightly sensitive to touch and work out but other than that the massage was great. It was just what I needed. And to top it all off I get to sleep in tomorrow because I dont have school! Hooray!
Today at school nothing much happened. We had a make up class and learned about lips and lipstick. Personally I will never wear lipstick but it was still interesting to learn about. Kenzie had the opportunity to make my lips look bigger since I have munchkin lips. So I had sexy lips for a time.
Sean is way busy with school this week. I havent been able to be with him too much but its okay. He has two tests today and he is in the middle of taking one right now. Poor guy. BYU does a good job at beating up their students.

Oh and I almost forgot!!! Sean and I go on our cruise in a couple weeks for our one year and we are stopping in Las Vegas for our half way point. Well you would never believe the cheapest hotel we found is! It is the Stratosphere on the strip. The really tall one with the roller coaster on the top of it. So i would just like to your face Paul Mitchell. The hotel I get to stay at is better than the one you all will be staying at. And on top of that we get to both ride the roller coaster on top for only $12 together. the room only costs about $25 :-)

Hooray for vacations!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hooray for haircuts!

I'm not sure if I am supposed to say something about myself in the beginning or just dive into my day so I will just sum up me quickly. I am currently living in the lovely Provo, Utah and counting down the days to get out and move somewhere else. I have been married since April 2008 to my husband Sean. He is going to BYU and still has about 2 years left and I am now going to Paul Mitchell the School which is hair school. I love it and love doing hair and making people feel beautiful. :-)

So today I was able to go to my friend's house in Orem and do her hair! It was exciting to see her again since I haven't seen her in a bit. And of course it was a plus to see her cute little 6 month girl Audree...most adorable baby ever. I did an A-line cut on her and we took a bunch off. Probably about 6 or 7 inches. The cut looked really cute on her and it made me want to do it to every person that i saw afterwards. She taught me a really cute way to cut it so you don't get weird corners in the back and I tried it on her and I don't think I will ever go back to the old way of doing them.

Then we tried to color her hair with a demi permanent redken color and both of us couldn't figure out why it was so runny! It honestly was running down her face and just dripping out of her hair. So we left it on for like 30 minutes and she still wasn't taking the color. Well later on Sami figured out that instead of using the developer, we used the clear shine. haha oops! at least her hair was shiney afterwards. So we are going to try it again on Monday.

Sean's brother is staying with us right now just for a couple of days to do some errands around Provo. It has been pretty fun seeing him but I haven't really had the chance to hang out with him and stuff. I ordered us pizza tonight from Costco and was walking it back to my apartment and lost complete control of the box and it fell right in the middle of the slushy wet road and the pizza flew right out. totally ruined the pizza. I was soooo mad and upset because I was at that point when you are so hungry it is literally all you can think about and it almost hurts haha. So we had to take it all the way back to the place and luckily they felt bad enough and gave us a new one.

Sean and his brother Eric

And that's about it! This is kind of awkward to end because I have no idea what to write in these things so I am just gonna end it here....