Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hair..... Hair..... and more Hair

I decided I am due for updating my blog and what better to do than post some of the new haircuts and colors I have done lately :-) . I am still at Paul mitchell but only have a few months left hopefully. I am going to start day and night school in September to try and make it go by faster. As much as I love school....I want out! But at the same time that means not seeing my friends as much and everyone going their separate ways which is always sad.

Sadly though nothing new really is going on with Sean and me. BUT my sister Aubreigh that is here in Provo is now pregnant which is wayyyy exciting. ONly bummer is that she is extremely sick and I am not going to scares me to get pregnant anytime soon.

So some of my clients were so nice to let me take pictures of them for my portfolio and stuff so here they are! this first one is Katie from my ward and we cut a lot off so that she could just do her hair easy for the day

This one was a client that came in for a trm and left with a whole new short cut. it was funny since she had hair to her shoulders almost and then we kept going shorter and shorter till she decided she wanted it all gone. She was so much fun

Then this is Sami who I have posted before for a haircut. This time we did highlights (toned with 9P), lowlights (5NN), and block c0loring (5RR). The block coloring is the red at the front of the hair that is like a peekaboo coming through the bottom. Turned out way cute. The haircut I did was square graduation in the back angled into an A line with lots of layers and texture.

Okay and last I did this just the other day on a client. It is block coloring again but much more intense. I took 1 inch diagonal sections throughout her hair and did everyother lightener and 4CM which is a dark mahagony brown. Then once the lightener did its job I put 6RV and 5VR on top of it to make it pretty red like she wanted. We had to lighten it first since her hair was too dark that the red wouldnt be vibrant and noticeable like she wanted it. She loves it and I think it was such a fun experience that not many people are brave to try.

And then obviously this can be done with any colors like a brown and then caramel peeking through to look more subtle or something.... way cute. :-)

Monday, June 1, 2009


About 4 months ago Sean promised me a new comforter and sheets and stuff for our bed when summer came. The reason for this is because when we first got married we got a comforter that was supposed to be gray and it definitely wasn't...more like a purple. And it was really hot. So I went shopping with my sister Aubreigh who is queen of discount shopping and she helped me find a cute bedspread. We didn't see the pink in the store but I still love it. Sean is a little concerned with how girly it looks but lets face it....he is married now and it was going to happen eventually.

I also made this cow...i got the wood at a garage sale and painted it and everything. It's my cute house decoration now

Sean's brother ryan came into town to visit and we had a night of pore cleaning. pretty funny...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catch up

OK time for catch up! I have a bunch of pictures to post so this should be a fun one.

First off like forever ago I cut my good friend Rosanne's hair. Of course I forgot the before picture but she had pretty long hair. And I was the one that got to cut it! :-) Hooray!

Next Sean and I went up to Park City to go skiing with my family one last time before the resorts closed. I saw Shiying who I havent seen in forever which was really fun. She had been wanting to learn how to curl her hair for a long time so I curled it for her and took some pictures.

this is my family's new puppy Kona

My sister wanted something new done with her hair so I did a block color of some blonde in it. It turned out so cute. I love it.

Then the other night we had a fun girls night with Kenzie and Kara and did their hair. I have a nice sink and stuff in my apartment to do hair in. We decided to use Redken and Matrix color instead of paul mitchell because I secretly think they are sooo much better. And I have to say the turn out was great. Kara went from blonde to a brown/red. I love it on her. I dont have a picture of the after yet but I will definately get one and post it.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dentist appointment gone bad

I went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning and to ask about my gums back where I had gotten my wisdom teeth removed about 5 years ago. Every other month my gums get inflamed and really sore for about 3 weeks and it hurts to talk, eat....well pretty much everything. So he looked at them and I guess my mouth is too small that I am not able to fit my gums back there and so they are squished which makes them easy to get irritated when I bite down or anything. So he said the best option would be to cut the gum off where there was too much. This of course sounded painful and scary but at the same time it was hurting so bad already I decided to do it. Well I have never had a cavity or anything in my life so anything other than just getting my teeth cleaned freaks me out.
He gets out this huge shot and has to numb my gums first which that alone scared me haha. I warned him that I get woozy really easy and pass out so he had to put the cartoon movie Pocahantus on for me while he did it. Then the nurse is holding the suction tube thing and he gets out this scapel and starts to remove the gum and she is suctioning up all the blood. Sick huh...I was so scared. I didnt feel anything which is good but just the thought freaked me out. Then he put gauze in my mouth and told me I had to clamp down on it hard for 45 minutes at least to stop the bleeding and for some reason that just really grossed me out. So as he is explaining to me that it will take 6 weeks to heal and I can only eat certain things I started to get sick and blurry vision. So i tell him I need to lay down and he helps me out and then continues explaining things to me. Then I start getting clamy and I knew I was about to pass out so they had to put wet washcloths on my face and get me water and have me watch more of the movie.
At that point I was really embarrassed cuz I couldnt get control of myself but I also didnt want to move and have another pass out episode like I did with the other doctor last month. So i get up and go to pay and cant even make it down the hallway without having to put my head down. So I am trying to pay and keep having to get on the ground. Embarassing huh...
But I am happy to say I never passed out which is amazing for me. I had to take the rest of the day off cuz once the numbing wore off it was pretty sore but lets hope it will fix everything. I guess its a 50/50 chance that it will just come back and we would have to do it again. If so.... Note TO Self....dont go alone and bring my husband to help me haha

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A lines galore!

Today Kenzie decided to get her hair cut to an A line randomly and so I got to do it! We cut about 6 inches off and it looks so good on her. I am so happy she did it. I just think shorter hair makes people look so much older. So now we look like twiners with short hair and the same color too haha. I guess we were just meant to be friends. Now we just need to get Kara and Rosanne to do it too :-)
Then I got to cut my friend Alyssa's hair tonight into a longer A line. It looks way good on her too. I just love that cut. It was fun getting to know her better as well and she gave me a yummy recipe for broccoli cheese soup! I am so excited to try it!!

Here are some pics of Kenzie's hair.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cruise Continued

Here is a video Sean made of our cruise

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

Well this was a great valentines day for me. I spent the first part of the day at school working on clients which actually ended up being pretty fun. I first had a scalp treatment and then I did a full weave with 2 colors on a lady. Lovely Kara was sooo nice and helped me and did half of it. It turned out so good too. I was so proud of us. It looked really even and all. Then my husband brought me a rose and a cute letter :-) He is so sweet. It made my day.
Later on we went out to eat at red robin and then went to see a movie. We saw Hes just not that into you. It was actually pretty good. I thought it was funny. Last night we saw Bolt in the dollar theater and it is hilarious. If you havent seen it need to.
Then we got home and there was a lovely article on our door with a title "Cliche ways to propose". Then there was a paragraph circled with a sentence underlined saying "Never EVER propose on Valentines Day" and then continues on about how cliche it is and that every girl should say no.
Who is this from? We dont know for sure. But I am guessing it is from the same people that coke bombed our doorstep awhile ago as well. I guess not everyone grows up.... It just reminds me of high school with the mean comments and everything that were said and it seems to have continued on. Im not going to was pretty hurtful. I loved being proposed to on valentines day and the way Sean did it was just perfect. And who really cares about the proposal. I have an amazing husband and an amazing marriage and thats all I care about. Sadly someone out there really doesnt like us and I have an inkling of who it is and I am not sure what i have done to upset them. But we arent going to let it get us down and I loved this day today and I loved it last year. Every year on this holiday I will be reminded of our Engagement and I couldnt be happier.
I am just lucky to have a husband like Sean to keep myself straight. When I get worked up like I did tonight he is so good at calming me down and bringing sense to it. He keeps me from attacking people with my revenge ideas when I am angry haha.... what a guy!
But this holiday was great this year and i hope everyone elses was. Happy Valentines day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just chop it off!

So today I was at school and I was sitting at my station trying to do something with my hair and NOTHING would work for me. My hair was at the point where since it is so fine I couldnt get any body and the ends were just so thin and limp. So i looked over at my friends Rosanne and Kara and said "I want to chop my hair off!" then the more I thought about it the better it sounded. I was so scared though so I would only let Jen do it at first but then she couldnt and she said to ask Sarah who is another great LL. So I had her do it and she did an amazing job. She gave me exactly what I wanted...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Slices and Weaves

Yesterday Kenzie and I did an awesome slice on our friend Tiffany at school. She basically had every piece of hair in a foil. When I pulled out the foils at the end I started counting them and we came around 200 foils!! Lots of work. But we pulled thru and it looks awesome. I am so proud of us!

Today I did another slice on my sister Aubreigh and just added some caramel highlights to her dark hair...she eventually wants to go pretty light for summer. So she came in and we got to spend some sister time together :-) it turned out really cute. i love it on her. now i just need to convince her to cut her hair into an A-line. She has just the face shape for it. I want one too but I think I might wait until I start having kids or something....i dont know. I wish i had taken a picture of her color but I didnt think of it but if you see her hopefully you all think its cute!

Also here is a crazy updo a group of us did for a contest at school. We were pretty proud of how it turned out when we had a short amount of time to do it.


Sean and I just got back from taking a cruise to Ensenada Mexico for our one year/ valentines day. Minus the fact that it rained through the whole thing, it was a blast and so beautiful. Sean got to practice his bargaining skills in mexico and buy me some sunglasses and a purse which is awesome. the price started at 45 dollars and he got it down to 20! Very impressive for a first timer.
I have to say one interesting thing about this cruise was there were so many people on this ship that were in their late 40's or so and it was almost their excuse to act like they were 16 again. Some were so drunk they could hardly walk around and they were just loud and obnoxious. I am so happy Sean and I are above that and dont participate in activities like that. In my view....there is a certain time in life when it is time to grow up.
We were able to go on a little tour thing that was about 40 minutes away in Mexico and go to a blow hole. there are only three in the world and so we thought it would be pretty neat. it was pretty awesome. Sean video taped a ton of it along with the rest of the vacation and stuff. I am so happy Sean had the chance to see Mexico and everything for the first time. I cant wait till we go to Honduras this Summer when it wont be raining and everything