Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life with a baby

It's amazing how different your life changes once you have a baby. even your outlook on everything!! Tucker is 3 1/2 months old now...i cant believe it. Actually I can since he had colic and so it was pretty hard haha. But he has come around and realized there is actually joy in life. He is just a cutie and Sean and I love him so much. He makes everything worth it when he smiles and giggles at you. Its funny how you can be so frustrated with your baby and then all the sudden they smile and you forget everything.
Tucker has discovered his voice and loves to tell stories. I have learned that I cant rock him to sleep because he will just keep talking and talking even though he is tired. So i have to just put him in his crib and he talks himself to sleep.
one of the things I have noticed that is way different in my life with Tucker is how you respond to crying. Dont get me wrong...I still go to Tucker and comfort him when he cries but it used to completely stress me out and I would get so frustrated. Now I can just keep talking to him and be like...your fine....nothings wrong. And I have to say everything is so much easier with that attitude that Tucker is just a fussy baby and loves to complain :-) I think he takes after his dad....dont tell.
He is now sleeping from 730 to 1030 and then eats. and then goes till 430 and eats again and then wakes up for the day at 830. So not too bad. He still isnt one of those babies that everyone brags about sleeping 12 hours thru the night. but he is better than he used to be so we are thrilled.
Sean went and spoke to his counselor at school and for sure he graduates December 2011. He could do it this summer but we decided for him to take it easy and work more in the summer. Plus we are in a great apartment and I am content where we are. And secretly I know when he graduates it means it's time to move and I live so close to my sister and best friends and I am scared to death of leaving them all. Aubreigh and I have always lived near to each other and see each other every week. So it breaks my heart thinking of living in different states soon.
But anyways I am an official stay home mom that loves getting together with other moms and just talking about babies and their differences. Its pretty funny. I am home all day just taking care of my little one so whenever anyone is bored...come visit!