Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morning Sickness is the pits..

So Sean and I found out we are having a baby number two which was a little bit of a shocker but are excited anyways. Tucker and the baby will be 20 months apart....I start hyperventilating when I say that. The story goes that I was in AZ visiting my family with Tucker while Sean was on a business trip. I was really nauseous and tired and stuff and could not figure out why. So finally at the end of my trip in the airport I decided to get a prego test and take it in one of the stalls and BAMM 2 lines appear. I was completely shocked and freaked but held it in until later that night when I got home and was tickling Seans back and spelt it out on his back. He responded with "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SWEAR ON OUR MARRIAGE" haha.

So now I am smack in the middle of the worst morning sickness I have had. Tucker was pretty miserable and annoying in pregnancy but I was never THIS sick. So all I can say is it better be a girl. I feel like I may not be able to survive another day cuz my life now is laying in fetal position on my couch with a throw up container while tuck entertains himself and eventually comes over and screams in my face since I am not giving him attention. Then he goes down for a nap and I move myself to my bed until he wakes up. Being in the kitchen makes me throw up...in fact walking through the kitchen does as well which is very inconvenient since all the bedrooms and bathroom is through the kitchen. So I feed Tucker on the floor in the living room. And the worst thing to admit is I swear sometimes Tuck makes me sick. He will crawl over and he is just a dirty boy at this age with food everywhere and dirt. He comes and climbs on me and I get sick haha.

Make up is now foreign to me along with jeans and a shirt. Sweatpants 24/7 with my hair in a bun is my life now. Thank goodness my sister comes down to help me when I need it from Heber since she gets extremely sick in pregnancy as well so she is super sister ready to help.

Now for my dramatic side that I will  blame on hormones and nobody judge. I honestly feel like this may be it. I am sure down the road maybe I will change my mind but I dont know how to function being this sick. Tucker was a really hard newborn/baby so I get myself freaked out that I am sick sick sick and then I will have a newborn and another baby that isnt even 2 yet and cant communicate yet and I will be done for. My only hope is this one is easier than Tuck was  :-) I still love you Tuck...you are worth it. But I think we may have a bigger gap in between this coming one and the next.

So now all you mommies out there. How long were you sick for and did it at least tame down a little before going away? I am desperate for any comforting that it wont be 9 months of sickness.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tucker update

I havent written in forever and there are so many things that have happened, specifically with Tucker. I took Tuck to the doctor for a normal check up a few months back and they were a little concerned about his motor skills and things so they referred me to PEIP that is an early intervention program for babies. They came to my house and tested Tuck to see if he qualifies for their program ( you have to be 7% or below developmentally). Well he was 2%......so he definitely qualified. They have started coming and doing physical therapy and stuff on him since he has a sensory disorder. He doesnt like the feel of pressure especially on his hands and arms. So he was 10 months and still not crawling or even attempting to. The program is amazing and with their help in a week he was crawling! Thats awesome but there is still so much more to cover. He hates being overly touched or held. So it makes it hard because he wants me to hold him but then doesnt like the feel of being touched so cries as I am holding him but cries more when I put him down. So I put him down and he climbs onto me and I hold him and he starts pushing me away. I guess these are all signs of his problem (its a long word that I cant even remember).
    They are a little concerned because after working with him and touching/playing with him he gets really irritated and I cant even calm him down. So we are trying to find ways that he can pull himself back together and recuperate from exercises. The problem is we cant just let him have his way and not work with him because then he will never excel or become used to pressure.
   So the people just left and I am just slightly down because Tucker was so happy when they got here and then we do massages and activities with him and he gets so upset and they are watching me and helping me with ideas of how to calm him and nothing works. It just makes me feel like a bad mom that my son doesnt want to cuddle with and I cant calm him down and they are watching. The next step is to try things like making a blanket fort with classical music or something to sit in with him when he has his freak out....so its his little getaway place to pull himself together.
   This disorder is really common with babies that dont breathe when they are born. That if you dont know is what happened with Tucker. He didnt breathe  on his own for 8 minutes and then was on oxygen for 48 hours and the first 24 hours wasnt very responsive at all. So he is a little miracle baby but now just needs a little push in the right direction.
    I am so thankful though for this program so we were able to catch this problem early and get a handle on it. The right now is a challenge but I just need to look in the future and see that I am helping him. I cant believe he is going to a year in a month! I am so proud of him!

Monday, July 25, 2011


So Tucker is now 9 months old and has entered the stage of tantrums. I am going to rant for a few minutes and anyone that has had children do this....please give me some advice. For the past week Tucker throws HUGE screaming/crying/kicking fits when it is naptime or bed time or diaper changing time or getting dressed. He absolutely freaks out. Last night we let him cry for three hours going in and trying to calm him but he wouldnt calm down and finally my husband at 2 in the morning took him for a stroller ride around until he fell asleep. Now he is screaming once again in his crib after Sean held him for 45 minutes screaming for a nap and he just wont calm down. I honestly dont know what to do.
Are we supposed to discipline a 9 month old? Do we leave him in the room or hold him while he cries? He cries until he throws up and is just a wreck. We can only hold him for so long before it really starts to get to us and we have to leave the situation. And we dont think he is in pain because as soon as he gets what he wants he stops crying.
So we havent slept in awhile and are desperate for help. We just dont want to take him on a walk before putting him down because then he will fall into a bad habit and we will kick ourselves for it.

What to do ??????

Friday, April 29, 2011

6 is my new favorite number

everyone told me at 6 months your baby becomes so easy and i was always skeptical....it is true people!! I love it. Tuck all of the sudden doesnt scream in the car the entire time, will play by himself, can sit by himself, doesnt cry much, and laughs and smiles ALL the time. He is just the sweetest. Now the real test is flying with him tomorrow to az by myself. I have never flown with him and I am slightly nervous that he will be one of the screaming babies that everyone wants to kill. But we will see. I am going to AZ for my brothers mission farewell and staying for a couple weeks. Sean wont be coming until next weekend so I will be missing him but having fun with the family.

Sean and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I cannot believe it has been that long already. We just went out to eat and took Tuck with us since Sean wanted to celebrate it as a family. Sean also started a new job the day of our anniversary! He is working at the mtc again but is now a boss. He loves it and i am so proud of him for getting it. We are on a string of luck right now so we feel really blessed.

Tucker is finally sorta eating solids...i dont have to completely shove it down his throat anymore. He still hates fruits but will eat vegetables. I have discovered he will eat more and be happy about it if I let him hold the spoon with me. But it makes the biggest mess and by the end he is covered with food as well as i am. BUT it works so we do it.

He still hates his tummy time. At his 6 month appointment the doctor said she has never seen a baby with such a phobia of his tummy. If you even try to start to put him on his tummy he starts shaking and crying. So she thinks its something psychological since he had colic and stuff as an infant and maybe tummy time used to hurt him....sad. Sooooo she thinks he is going to be a butt scooter. He has been sitting completely on  his own since 5 1/2 months so she thinks because of that and tummy time he will only scoot and then walk haha. oh well..

I am so excited for the summer and the fun memories we are going to be able to make as a family. I cant wait!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bye Bye Boobs

I officially have had to say goodbye to my boobs. When people say after nursing they shrink to smaller than before, they weren't kidding!!! So a warning to all that haven't experienced this...enjoy them while it lasts :-)

Tuck is 5 months now and just loving life. He has taken a liking to any one that is a girl. It is pretty amusing to watch. Yesterday we were at a fireside and they was a cute baby girl across from us and Tuck literally just stared at her the whole time smiling. It cracks me up. Sadly he still isnt sleeping through the night. I swear he is getting worse. But the pediatrician said that when he is 6 months he should be able to sleep 10-12 hours a night without a feeding and I am probably going to have to force him. So thats going to be really fun but I figure it will be nice in the long run.

He has just started some solids and it took him a long time to even open and accept them. Finally he has decided he really likes sweet potatoes. yum yum. Randomly he has decided he hates the pacifier so he doesn't want it at all. Not even to go down to sleep...but I guess this means i won't have to wean him. It is still WW3 when I try and put him down for a nap. It consists of screaming, crying, scratching, and pulling my hair as I start rocking him yet within 2 minutes he is sound asleep. Slightly ridiculous but funny. I just have to keep my head clear so he cant scratch my face because trust me...he has. And he has just reached that age where anything he grabs he wants to squeeze as hard as possible haha. So a lot of times it ends up being your face or neck. Very painful. Another new thing he has started which sounds nice when said but I hate it is he only poops every other day. This makes for an explosion without fail. The smell is through the roof and you have to evacuate the apartment and air it out if you cant handle the smell for the next two hours. I never knew something so cute could smell so bad!

My family is all in town on Friday which I cannot wait for. Sean has been really busy with school and work so I am excited to have some company. My little sis is going to stay here in UT for the summer and work which is awesome. Her, me and Aub are really close so I am excited we are all going to be here. Sean's parents also were here for a night and will come through again later this week. So it was fun seeing them as well. Nothing beats family!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cry Cry Cry

It is no fun when your little one decides to cry all night and then all day. I cannot figure out what is wrong with him! he is almost 4 months so MAYBE he is teething but that is so young still. He is biting everything and he bites his own fingers so hard it makes him cry (which is actually pretty funny to watch). I try and feel his gums but I have no clue what I am feeling for and it feels normal. He WOULD NOT sleep last night and finally we just had to let him cry it out because he was like crying in his sleep. You would go in and his eyes would still be closed. Then all day he has been way fussy. Weird... I dont like bad days. Its days like this that I start thinking I could never have another baby haha. Not for a long time at least.
  I have a new goal and its working out 5 days a week. 3 days at the gym and 2 at home. I have lost all my pregnancy weight and everything but I still feel like my stomach is disgusting. So I am basically working my stomach muscles out to the maximum. I really hope it works....Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

On your mark, get set, CRAWL!!

My cute little nephew was in a crawling race at babiesrus today. It was the cutest thing I have ever watched. I actually won his first race and went to the championship. That one was a little more intimidating for him since there were so many babies and people screaming to crawl...he completely froze but still looked adorable. The winner was this poor little girl that just bawled as she crawled across the finish line cuz she was so scared. It was the cutest thing ever. She deserved the free diapers.
    I cant wait till Tucker can crawl. I know I shouldnt want him to grow up so fast and I will miss him being small but I just think it will be so much fun! He still surprises me every day with something new that he can do and it just makes me soooo proud.
    So we are on WIC (women, infant, children) and are now giving Tuck formula. I had enough breastmilk frozen for about a year but I have high lactic acid which I didnt know at the time in my milk. So when it is stored it turns sour tasting and smelling. So Tuck refuses which I dont blame him. But WIC gives you Similac formula and Tuck is used to Enfamil. But I gave it a try since it's cheaper for WIC. It was miserable. No good for his stomach. So we went to sensitive...still no good. We then had to get a prescription from the doc for enfamil and I decided to do the gentlease since my little one has the WORST gas ever. I think with all the change he got major backed up and constipated. So he didnt poop for 3 days. I was starting to get slightly concerned cuz he was eating so MUCH and nothing was coming out! On my pediatricians website it says to give them apple juice in their bottle to help before coming to the doctor. Worth a shot right? He GUZZLED it. He loves apple juice and drinks twice as much with it. Funny kid.
   Now your wondering...did it work? Holy cow yes. I am pretty sure his entire system is cleared now. Not like he got sick, just everything started moving and there was a lot of it. So I swear by apple juice now with a baby. When they can have solids it probably is easier since you feed them fruit and stuff but for now he cant have that stuff. But if anyone ever has this problem its ounces/month of age every day mixed with milk.
   Well I should probably get busy with other things considering my house looks like someone broke in and tore the place apart and I look like I've been attacked :-). The lovely part of being a mother is there are days you dont even brush your hair....you come to love the ponytail style with sweatpants. One of these days I'll catch up to everything :-)