Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morning Sickness is the pits..

So Sean and I found out we are having a baby number two which was a little bit of a shocker but are excited anyways. Tucker and the baby will be 20 months apart....I start hyperventilating when I say that. The story goes that I was in AZ visiting my family with Tucker while Sean was on a business trip. I was really nauseous and tired and stuff and could not figure out why. So finally at the end of my trip in the airport I decided to get a prego test and take it in one of the stalls and BAMM 2 lines appear. I was completely shocked and freaked but held it in until later that night when I got home and was tickling Seans back and spelt it out on his back. He responded with "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SWEAR ON OUR MARRIAGE" haha.

So now I am smack in the middle of the worst morning sickness I have had. Tucker was pretty miserable and annoying in pregnancy but I was never THIS sick. So all I can say is it better be a girl. I feel like I may not be able to survive another day cuz my life now is laying in fetal position on my couch with a throw up container while tuck entertains himself and eventually comes over and screams in my face since I am not giving him attention. Then he goes down for a nap and I move myself to my bed until he wakes up. Being in the kitchen makes me throw up...in fact walking through the kitchen does as well which is very inconvenient since all the bedrooms and bathroom is through the kitchen. So I feed Tucker on the floor in the living room. And the worst thing to admit is I swear sometimes Tuck makes me sick. He will crawl over and he is just a dirty boy at this age with food everywhere and dirt. He comes and climbs on me and I get sick haha.

Make up is now foreign to me along with jeans and a shirt. Sweatpants 24/7 with my hair in a bun is my life now. Thank goodness my sister comes down to help me when I need it from Heber since she gets extremely sick in pregnancy as well so she is super sister ready to help.

Now for my dramatic side that I will  blame on hormones and nobody judge. I honestly feel like this may be it. I am sure down the road maybe I will change my mind but I dont know how to function being this sick. Tucker was a really hard newborn/baby so I get myself freaked out that I am sick sick sick and then I will have a newborn and another baby that isnt even 2 yet and cant communicate yet and I will be done for. My only hope is this one is easier than Tuck was  :-) I still love you Tuck...you are worth it. But I think we may have a bigger gap in between this coming one and the next.

So now all you mommies out there. How long were you sick for and did it at least tame down a little before going away? I am desperate for any comforting that it wont be 9 months of sickness.


  1. I was sick like that with Audree, though I never threw up because I happen to be terrified of throwing up and haven't allowed myself to throw up except maybe once in like 10 years...but I felt like it almost every minute of the day with Audree. I spent most my days laying on the couch and covering my mouth to gain control over the urge to throw up. It was the worst from 6 1/2 weeks, when I first started feeling sick, to 12 weeks. It seemed to get better enough where I could actually eat and I started craving stuff but I still continued to feel sick til about 18 weeks. But it did end. And it was more gradual. And I never felt like throwing up again the rest of the pregnancy. Have you asked your doctor to prescribe anything? If it gets really bad sometimes they'll prescribe you zofran. I tried something my doctor gave me when I was about 10 weeks with Audree and I only used it on rare occasions because all it did was knock me out! Even when my brain was awake I couldn't open my eyes and would just lay around for hours with my eyes closed. It was weird. I hope this makes you feel a little better and I hope the morning sickness eases up for you!

  2. Awe...loved hearing the story of you finding out. Brought back memories of the Nordstroms bathroom ;) Hang in there girl!

  3. Oh Amber I am so sorry, but so happy for you! I was sick until 24 weeks and then sick again at 32 weeks! Jolly ranchers helped me a lot, good luck! (: