Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby Quinn

My sister is officially a mom and I am an aunt!!! I am so excited. On monday she had a c section and had her baby Quinnton. He is absolutely adorable. I just love him so much. He weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and the second they lifted him out of her tummy he let out a HUGE scream. I couldnt be more happy for my sister. She is going to be a great mother to him. She gets released today from the hospital which we are so excited about. The baby is completely healthy but Aub has seen better days. Her blood pressure sky rocketed and wouldnt come down so they didnt want her leaving the hospital. She knows all the technical stuff bout it so dont ask me....ask her.

This had made me so excited for my baby. I am on week 10 starting tomorrow which is exciting for me. Hopefully the sickness is almost over. I had my first ultrasound the other week that I forgot to post so here is the ultrasound.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

feelin good

Today is a better day than the past couple weeks and I couldnt be more happy about it. I know I still have a bit of sickness to go but hooray for a good day! I was able to wake up and get the house cleaned, grocery shop, and best of all.....straighten my hair!!! for everyone that has curly hair that normally straightens it you all know what I mean when you havent been able to straighten it for awhile and then finally get to. I actually have hair and not some rat nest on top of my head. Sean and I are going to chiles tonight to use a gift card we won since we dont know when the next "good" day will be that i can go out haha.
I have been so anxious for my sister Aubreigh to have her cute little boy. She is due on Wednesday but I am sure she is getting the feeling that this baby is never going to leave her tummy. In the baby's defense....Aub stayed in our moms tummy past her due date so her boy is just taking after her :-) But I am so excited to get that phone call saying she is on her way to the hospital. I cant wait to meet my little nephew!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

joys of morning sickness

Today is not such a good day. So if you arent in the mood to read something negative, i suggest u skip this one. I just need to vent about how I feel and what is going on. Everyone talks about how joyful pregnancy is and how it is just the greatest thing. Im not finding that at all. Of course im excited about having a baby and starting a family but to be totally honest, I see a single girl walking around looking all healthy and able to actually eat without throwing up and I feel so jealous.
my worst is at night for some reason and i come to the point where i feel like i cant go on another day with the morning sickness. it sounds so dramatic and it is but lets be honest....we have all been there at one point with something. But i have been okay because i thought i would only be sick for another week or so. Well come to find out I have at least another month of this. How do people do this and then get excited for it again? It feels like I am never going to get better in these 9 months and I am so discouraged.
I think what i struggle with the most is that it reminds me so much of depression and when i hit rock bottom with it. You have the same pit of your stomach turning feeling and nothing sounds appetizing and the last thing you want to do is eat. The throwing up and feeling like you will never be cured or feel better. but the worst would be the feeling of stuck...just feeling like there is absolutely nothing I can do and no one else can do. Like I wake up every morning feeling the same way and will go through the same routine and feeling sick and then more and more sick till the end of the day when I am laying on our couch crying cuz i dont want to do another day.
I know I am a wimp and I am not looking for pity at all. I just really need to write it out and vent. It is the only way to get all these feelings out of me. I do know how lucky i am that i am able to be pregnant and have a child when there are so many women out there that would kill to feel the morning sickness I feel cuz it would mean they could carry a baby. And i am forever grateful for that. I just dont see why God had to decide that we would be sick while pregnant as if child birth wasnt enough.
Sean is Mr healthy in my eyes now even though he is so stressed and everything. All he had to do was plant the seed and sit back and watch. Such unfairness. I wish they got morning sick with us just to see that its the real deal and we arent faking it. I promise Sean that I dont walk around the house making myself dry heave 24/7 for fun or attention. I would much rather prefer to have a nice evening.
Anyways I sure hope this goes away sooner than later and I can begin to enjoy being pregnant. Hopefully I wont lose all my friends because of how moody and out of it i have been for the past few weeks. I know my husband dreads coming home :-) But he is a good sport. Anyways if you stuck through this whole thing thanks for listening and dont judge me....I just simply needed to vent a little

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stroller and car seat!

I went out to eat with my good friend Sami today at kneaders (yummm) and she was way nice and gave me a great deal on her stroller/carseat that she used with audree. I LOVE the pattern and it is in great shape. I am so excited that I have that out of the way. I know it is way early to have them but I just couldnt pass it up. and they are neutral colors so it wont matter which sex i have.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

oh my gosh I am posting a blog!!

So I decided being pregnant and all I could keep some people that don't see me often updated on everything (kenzie this is for you :-) ). So i found out at the beginning of February at work that i was pregnant. funny cuz we were all just kinda joking around about it and got a test and then i was like....oh my gosh!!! is that a line???? So i told sean and we decided to keep it hush hush for a month or so just in case anything went wrong or something. but then sean could see me getting antsy and wanting to tell everyone so we told a little early :-) let me just tell you....keeping something secret from my family is not easy. I talk to my sister or mom daily and i was feeling sick and moody. It was funny cuz i would wonder about what i could eat or do when i am pregnant and so i would call my mom and be all, "so my friend is pregnant and is wondering if she can eat shrimp still" haha. then i wanted to get everything in order before telling my family and i needed my birth certificate from my mom like immediately and she was a tough one to get thru. the one time she was stubborn about something and really worried it was horrible cuz i couldnt tell her the truth so i had to lie and tell her it was for work which made things worse cuz she didnt like that my work wanted the original and everything. So finally i just had to say "mom i am trying to surprise you and you are ruining it!"
So i told my family by sending them a card saying congrats on the grandchild and then sent them some binkies. I sent Seans family a cross stitch about grandparents and a card too. So it was pretty fun telling everyone.
I get my first ultra sound a week from today and i cant wait! it will make everything feel so much more real. we cant wait to have a mini us running around in 7 months. pretty crazy to think about. My sister is having her baby hopefully this week so its fun knowing our kids will be close in age. we will have to force them to be best friends.
So my goal is to stay updated and write on here but we will see how it goes!