Friday, April 29, 2011

6 is my new favorite number

everyone told me at 6 months your baby becomes so easy and i was always is true people!! I love it. Tuck all of the sudden doesnt scream in the car the entire time, will play by himself, can sit by himself, doesnt cry much, and laughs and smiles ALL the time. He is just the sweetest. Now the real test is flying with him tomorrow to az by myself. I have never flown with him and I am slightly nervous that he will be one of the screaming babies that everyone wants to kill. But we will see. I am going to AZ for my brothers mission farewell and staying for a couple weeks. Sean wont be coming until next weekend so I will be missing him but having fun with the family.

Sean and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I cannot believe it has been that long already. We just went out to eat and took Tuck with us since Sean wanted to celebrate it as a family. Sean also started a new job the day of our anniversary! He is working at the mtc again but is now a boss. He loves it and i am so proud of him for getting it. We are on a string of luck right now so we feel really blessed.

Tucker is finally sorta eating solids...i dont have to completely shove it down his throat anymore. He still hates fruits but will eat vegetables. I have discovered he will eat more and be happy about it if I let him hold the spoon with me. But it makes the biggest mess and by the end he is covered with food as well as i am. BUT it works so we do it.

He still hates his tummy time. At his 6 month appointment the doctor said she has never seen a baby with such a phobia of his tummy. If you even try to start to put him on his tummy he starts shaking and crying. So she thinks its something psychological since he had colic and stuff as an infant and maybe tummy time used to hurt him....sad. Sooooo she thinks he is going to be a butt scooter. He has been sitting completely on  his own since 5 1/2 months so she thinks because of that and tummy time he will only scoot and then walk haha. oh well..

I am so excited for the summer and the fun memories we are going to be able to make as a family. I cant wait!

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  1. You forgot about the fun memories with friends at 7 peaks too!